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Ohai! I'm Susie and I'm currently 48 years old ... old. I've always painted and drawn. But I didn't get into pixel pushing and photoshopping until much later, in the 90s. I developed into a gamer very early, Pong, PacMan, Frogger everything that Arcade Games could do. As a teenager, at some point I had to choose what I would like for Christmas: a pink teddy coat or a C64? once you may guess 😊 My programming skills were however limited. Shortly afterwards, my father brought a devil's machine from Japan - it looked a bit like a Nintendo and the cartridge had 128 games. Bye bye sunlight. I discovered Chat RPG at AOL in the mid 90s. I played a Klingon warrior there for almost 4 years. Some (chat) battles were really epic - and we only had letters. It was great 😊 I still like to remember that time, unfortunately all traces got lost in the sand. (But hey - here I developed a little programming skills, was only an AOL punter but at least 😝) At the beginning of 2000, Holger came around the corner with a new game, EverQuest. Yes EverCrack is really the name to go with. I nagged because he always spent so much time in front of it, he let me create a character "just to have a look". What can I say?! It was Saturday afternoon! There were no game downloads yet and the shops closed early on Saturday! I had to argue with him about the game time until Monday It was wonderful. It was around this time that I started working with Photoshop. I created funny little comics or forum signatures for fellow players. And took part in Worth1000 competitions in terms of photoshopping and photo manipulation - that's where I collected most of the skills in PS. EverQuest left, Photoshop stayed. Wrong, I left EQ after 4 years and let myself be enchanted by other MMOs. For many years I was then on the road as a singing space pirate in EVE Online (which is why many designs have strong EVE influences) and at the same time I knocked myself on / off in Azeroth with the Alliance (sometimes the Horde). I was allowed to collect SO many impressions (and still collect) in all the games that it makes sense to incorporate them into the designs. brainbubblesis a piece of my life story. Pew! 😊