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Production partner

We work with two different production partners in Germany and England to offer you fast processing and the highest possible quality.
Both production partners have many years of experience in printing technology and are equipped with modern devices and printing machines to ensure the high standards of quality andsustainability to meet.


The Cologne printing specialists take care of oursApparel Range. Everything that is not on the hanger at three goes into the printer ..;)
The most modern machines are used byKornite. The multi-certified inks used are water-based, harmless to health, free of toxins and safe for toddlers and babies, also free of animal ingredients and biodegradable. This is how sustainability works in the highest quality!


TheNon-apparel Area is covered by AOP. The Londoners are responsible for the production of the Masks,Neck gaiter, as well as theCuddlyย andHoodie blankets responsible, all in the cut & sew processhandmade will.
Working mainly with the sublimation process, AOP comes in Epson Printing machines used.
For the cut and sew process, e.g. A. Recycled polyester and recycled organic cotton are used.