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Here you can find information about our masks and neck gaiters, hoodie blankets, shopping bags and coffee mugs.

Our Everyday masks , neck gaiters, blankets and bags are supplied by AOP + produced and / or printed in London. Depending on the article, recycled and / or vegan fabrics, vegan inks made from plant-based, upcycled Components and sustainable kraft paper packaging are used.

The masks and Neck Gaiter are Cut&Sew products. This means that the fabric is printed using high quality sublimation, cut to size and then sewn into the finished product. Since it is real handcraft, there may be small manufacturing tolerances.

The masks are available in two sizes. With the neck gaiters, you can even choose between three sizes and two designs (1- or 2-ply). Each mask and each gaiter has a pocket for the included 5-layer Activated carbon filter .

With the shopping bags you have the choice between four different variants, which differ in size and / or texture and structure.

From the sustainable regular shopping bag with high-quality DTG print to the 100% vegan extra-stable street shopping bag with inner pockets, es there is something for every taste. As standard, the pockets are printed on one side. But you are welcome to ask us if double-sided printing is required.

The Hoodie blankets are also Cut&Sew products, i.e. hand-made and printed using high-quality sublimation. Not only do they look fantastic, but thanks to the hood they are also very practical and just wonderfully cozy. This makes every evening watching TV an unrestricted pleasure and every outdoor trip to star gazing a romantic, cozy highlight.

The coffee mugs (which of course can also be used wonderfully for tea or cocoa) are qualitative high-quality no-label goods in two sizes, which are supplied by our Czech partner OPT On Demand by Sublimation process can be printed in the highest quality. Of course, cups and printing are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. Nothing stands in the way of relaxed coffee enjoyment.