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The Los Angeles (USA) -based brand Bella + Canvas has been on the market in its current form since 2012, even though its timeline goes back to 1992.

Bella emerged in 1998 from a Cut & Sew women's collection.

 In 2000, Canvas was founded, an equally high-quality men's line.

In 2012, the two lines were finally merged under the Bella + Canvas brand, as it still exists today.

All processes take place in a framework that is as environmentally friendly as possible, from low water consumption when dyeing with bluesign-certified dyes, to solar-powered factories, to consistent recycling. Bella + Canvas can therefore show the Platinum W.R.A.P.certificate.

Bella + Canvas specializes in long-staple and ring-spun combed cotton in order to obtain particularly fine and soft fabrics. Bella + Canvas calls the yarn Airlume cotton.

Bella + Canvas also believes that side seams are needed for a t-shirt to fit properly. A principle to which they stand true.